Guitar, Drum, Bass and Piano Lessons by Damien Smith
Damien Smith is a professional musician and teacher with 20 years of experience located in the Long Beach area. As a dedicated and serious instructor with a Bachelors Degree in Music, he is well versed in Rock, Blues, Funk, Jazz and music theory. During every lesson, Damien will address your specific needs and customize the lessons to your musical taste and skill level.

Guitar/Bass lessons include:
Technique, Accuracy, Articulation, Speed, Chord formulas and progressions, Arpeggios, Improvised Leads, Scales (Major, Minor, Pentatonic, Blues scale, Harmonic, Melodic etc) Ear Training, Reading (notation and tablature).

Drum lessons include:
Rudiments, Reading (snare drum and drum set), Sticking exercises, Drum set technique, Rock variations, Jazz coordination, Latin rhythms, African patterns.

Use your favorite songs to learn everything you need to know about theory and performance. With a little discipline, you will learn how to play an instrument quickly and have the skill necessary to perform like a professional. Students will have the opportunity to participate in Damien’s virtual recital program where the student can show all of their friends and family how they are progressing on their instrument. 

To schedule a complimentary introduction lesson with Damien call (562)208-9444. Lessons are conducted in Long Beach at Damien's private studio and cost $50.00 per hour and $30.00 per half hour.